Lovell Family

Subscription ensures the Lovell family drives the right car for every adventure.

Date Night

✔︎ Seats two    ✔︎ Bluetooth connected

✔︎ Something fast

Family That Bikes Together

✔︎ Seats six    ✔︎ Tow hitch

✔︎ Four-wheel drive

Keys To The Jeep

✔︎ Seats four    ✔︎ Four-wheel drive

✔︎ Big tires

How did you get started with Drive Germain?

We took our previous car for an oil change and we were told that we needed thousands of dollars of work done. We didn’t think that it was worth investing that money in an older car. And it wasn’t quite meeting the needs of our family. So we started shopping for cars but we had a frustrating experience. So we thought that we’d try subscription temporarily. We were thinking that we’d buy a car in a few months although we’d have to drop a lot of money on a large SUV that would meet all of our needs. But now, several months on, the service and the mix of vehicles is working really well for us.

How has your experience been with Drive Germain?

We have both been through an evolution in how we think about the service. For the first few flips I would think, “How old is this car and how many miles does it have?” But I don’t do that anymore because every car is like brand new. My wife was quite attached to our previous car. When we received our first car, initially she wasn’t sure about it. Then after a few days she really liked the car and didn’t want to give it up. But then we flipped into a larger SUV for a family trip. She really liked that one too and didn't want to give it up either. It’s been happening every time. The irony of it is that my wife started out saying, “I want one car.” And now she falls in love with every car that we get. My boys of 6 and 3 think it is cooler than ever.

❝The irony of it is that my wife started out saying, ‘I want one car.’ And now she falls in love with every car that we get.❞

What has Drive Germain allowed you to do?

Drive Germain has given us the ability to have cars that truly do meet the need that we have at any moment in time. For example, we all have bikes but we weren’t really using them. Our previous car didn’t have a slot to mount a bike rack and it would have been costly to add one. Now we can get exactly the car we need. We were never a family that would schedule things ahead. We’d just wake up on a weekend and decide what to do. But now we are planning out what to do and getting the right vehicle.

Do you have any memorable experiences to share?

The four of us were cruising with the top down in a Jeep. It’s a sunny day. We sync up the phone and we start playing TNT by ACDC. My wife looks back and there’s my son playing an air guitar and then we’re all rocking around to the music. Now, it’s become a regular thing for us now. The kids always want me to “turn on TNT”. That was memorable because it’s kind of fun to see a three year old singing TNT. But beyond that knowing that I’m creating something that they will remember through their lives. They will remember Daddy’s cool Jeeps. I would never have done this. I would never have bought a Jeep. Drive Germain gave us that experience. We’d have never have had that otherwise.

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